Thanks to technology and digital advancements, no longer are all the parties in a real estate transaction required to be in the same room for a closing – or even in the same state or country. Combining increased mobility with these transactions allows for a faster, more efficient – and definitely more convenient – closing process. 

Because real estate transactions still require the use of paper signing for many documents and the need for notarization, it is imperative that an experienced professional oversee the process to ensure everything is signed and notarized accordingly. Unfortunately, in order to offer this service, title companies would need to have notaries placed everywhere, always ready to make the closing appointment. And that is simply not possible. 

But, do you know what is? A signing service company. Here’s why title companies use them. 

One Phone Call, Many Signing Agents

Making good business decisions means knowing when to delegate. For title companies, focusing on title and escrow work is the most important part of their business – it is what they do best. So, by delegating their signings, they remove the chore of trying to schedule closings, working around difficult schedules, time zones, and so forth. Plus, they don’t have to worry about having contacts in every location!

A signing service company is a point of contact that has a network of signing agents. Title companies simply need to make one phone call and move the file through the system. 

Convenience For Everyone Involved

Like we said, closings involve different parties – each with a different schedule. Trying to get everyone on the same page at the same time can prove difficult. Signing service companies have signing agents that work all the time – day or night. And they are mobile, too. For buyers who work long dates or nights who prefer to sign at their home, office, or other nearby locations, it is not a problem. This can be scheduled and the signing agent will be there. 

This convenience allows for transactions to close sooner rather than later. 

Professional Quality and Expertise

When delegating a task to an outside company, you may question whether or not the job will get done right – or if it will ultimately turn into more work for you down the road. Truth is, signing services companies understand the importance of real estate transactions and all the legalities that go along with them. 

It is much too risky for one of these companies to send out a signing agent to a closing – unless he or she has proven to be professional, qualified, and have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding the closing – especially at the state level. These varying laws in multi-state transactions must be adhered to and a signing services company has the expertise to ensure that it is done right. 

A Streamlined Process

It is common knowledge that streamlining business means a more efficient process – and the ability to increase the volume of production. When title companies incorporate a signing service company into their regular practice, they are essentially freeing up an entire department. That means they are able to increase the volume of their work. 

A signing service company eases a title company’s scheduling burden and allows more files to make it to closing in a timely manner. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

Close with Ease at Accurate Closers

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