Real estate closings involve a lot of paperwork and a lot of very different pieces coming together. This could go one of two ways. It could look like, well, a trainwreck with delays, extra costs, and miscommunications. Or, everything could come together beautifully for a hassle-free closing. 

It all comes down to the notary signing agent. Sure, everyone else has to do their part. The lender will need to have the loan documents sent over, the transfer documents need to be prepared, and so on. One missed initial, missed signature, or missed notary stamp could directly impact the mortgage and the transfer of the property. 

Having a qualified notary signing agent is like having a second pair of eyes. Not only will this individual show up with an organized set of closing docs in their entirety, but they will also be familiar with the way everything needs to be properly signed, initialed, and notarized so that there are no issues going forward. 
Here’s how you pick a qualified notary signing agent that you can count on.

Don’t Choose a Random Notary

There are a lot of notaries throughout the country. A simple online search or a search of local directories can give you a list of those in the area you are looking for. But you never want to just choose anyone at random. 

Being able to rely on your notary signing agent means knowing your signing agent. In other words, don’t just call a notary in a directory and have the confidence that they will show up and handle everything appropriately. 

Take the time to get to know your signing agent – especially including their qualifications. 

Look For Signing Experience

Being a notary is not necessarily the same as being a signing agent. Both have to be certified notaries, yes. But there is a lot more involved in a real estate closing transaction than just notarizing a signature. Look for a signing agent that has signing experience or a thorough understanding of what is involved. 

Having an understanding of the documents involved in a closing is important to ensure that they are signed and notarized properly. Remember – your signing agent isn’t going to discuss these documents in detail with the buyer, but knowing what to look for and having a general idea of what each document is for and how to properly execute it is vital. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with a lot of invalid documents. 

Good Level of Communication and Availability

If you are entrusting a notary signing agent to handle your closing, you want to make sure they have an optimal level of communication. How quickly do they respond to phone calls, emails, and the like? If you need a signing agent right away, are you able to reach them? If there has been a last-minute change, will they be responsive? How quickly will you receive your documents – or uploads – after signing?

Your signing notary agent needs to be responsive and must communicate appropriately. 

Choose a Closing Service 

When you work with a closing service, you can have access to a network of signing agents in any location. Instead of having to worry about calling various different agents, you just make one phone call to schedule – and the closing company will have a qualified notary signing agent at the time and place you need. 

At Accurate Closers, our signing agents are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are highly skilled at handling closings and have a prompt, professional demeanor. All will be updated on all of their certifications and the industry best practices, too. 

If you are interested in learning more about the ease of scheduling and processing your closing docs, then contact us today at 732) 606-6379.