Mobile Notary Signing Agents

Mobile Notary Signing Agents

Take The Challenge

Are you ready to be a part of a growing and dynamic company that serves clients across the country? Accurate Closers is always looking for experienced signing agents who are dedicated to providing quality service. We work with only the best agents who can provide great references as well as documented certifications.

Create Solutions

Your knowledge and expertise will be used to help a variety of businesses. In addition, these experiences will work to further establish your professional reputation. Your passion and dedication are essential to building a nationwide network of trusted, valued signing agents.

Why Work with Accurate Closers?

At Accurate Closers, we started where you are. We were once signing agents trying to find our way in the world. We have worked our way to where we are by learning the ins and outs of the business at every step. It’s hard to get started on your own no matter how motivated you are. Sometimes, you just need a partner – and that is where we come in. 

We want to provide you with the perfect opportunity to grow your business while still gaining knowledge and additional skills. Plus, we even have a long list of resources to offer you along the way. 

When you decide to go out on your own, we understand that you have a lot of choices and opportunities as an experienced signing agent. We also know that not having a steady stream of signings can be scary. So, of course, we should mention that there are many benefits that come with working with us. 

  • Greater Earning Potential. We do not doubt that you can succeed in business for yourself. But working as our partner, you have the ability to achieve greater earning potential. 
  • Low Overheard. We utilize a signing portal that you will have access to that securely holds the documents and all the information you need about the signing. We just need you to be there. 
  • Work When it’s Convenient. As you know by now, being a loan signing agent is not a 9-5 job. But we understand that you are trying to grow your business and you will want to set your own hours. With Accurate Closers, you have the flexibility to handle the closings you can – and pass on the ones you can’t. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with a fantastic closing experience that flows smoothly and efficiently. If you have experience and can provide a high-quality level of service, let’s be partners. 

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Owned and Operated by a Signing Agent

We truly understand the challenges that come with being a signing agent because that’s how we started!


Access to Training and Certification

Build your skills and knowledge base even more with access to a variety of recommended training and certification programs.


Signing Portal

Having access to a variety of signing portals offers a personalized, secure space for uploading and downloading documents, finding the details of your signings, and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sign on to be a signing agent with Accurate Closers?

While everyone has a chance to become a signing agent with us, we do have a thorough vetting process to find only those that have the right knowledge and experience – as well as a high level of professionalism. We require great references and certifications. 

What would I be responsible for handling as a signing agent?

As a signing agent for Accurate Closers, we would expect that you show up on time for your appointments, professional in appearance and prepared for the client. You will go through the loan documents with the signer to make sure everything is initialed and signed appropriately so that the loan package can be finalized without issue. 

Do I have to go over all the documents that are being signed?

A Notary Signing Agent is not in the position to discuss the details of the documents they are presenting. Rather, they can state the name of the document, the general purpose, and direct the signer where to sign. If you have specific questions about your loan documents, please call us at 732-606-6379.

Interested In Working With Us?